Sound Design / Edit and Mix

Provides a full service sound package to elevate any video.

Dialogue Editing

If you already have a different SFX, sound designer and Mixer in mind I can focus on just cleaning the dialogue and recording replacement ADR lines

Sound effects editor/ sound designer (SFX)

I will create a soundscape for your piece with the thousands of sounds at my fingertips

ADR and VO recording

I will cue, cut and record replacement dialogue or Voice over in a professional sound space.

Virtual mixes and edits over Zoom

A service offered to our package deal customers for an extra fee we can do the mix virtually over Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. This will expedite the notes process and helps with social distancing.


customer testimonials

“Hiring Kristin was one of our biggest scores during post-production on "Rockaway," our digital series pilot about cold-water surfers in the Rockaways. She was fun but incredibly professional, meticulous to the best degree, and she even managed to seamlessly integrate some tricky ADR recordings from cell phones into the soundtrack. Her sound design was creative and thoughtful, really bringing the nuances of city-beach living into the background. Waste no time and hire her!”

Andrea Ashton

“Kristin was fantastic. She worked on our first feature documentary, Make Me Famous. She was in charge of the dialogue editing as well as the Foley. With Foley, she thinks outside the box and is clever with her choices. She has wonderful, creative ideas to add to the life of the film. Regarding the dialogue edit, she was genius. I am not sure how she managed to erase most of our sound flaws with the dialogue clean up. Thanks to Kristin’s ability to problem solve in her work, you may never know we were first time filmmakers! We would definitely work with Kristin again and again. ”

Heather Kelly

"Working with Kristin was a seamless process. She was professional, fast and collaborative. Best of all, she took our sound files from an outdoor shoot with every possible audio issue (traffic, planes, lav problems) and made it sound great."

Ginny Leise